November 9, 2007

Destination: The Ferry Building

I love the Ferry Building in San Francisco. It is located at the base of Market Street, along the Embarcardero. One of my favorite things to do is wander the long hall, stopping at the various shops and see what sort of new gift ideas I can come up with for the holidays. All of the vendors there are top shelf.

Photo credit: S.F. Castellanos

I highly recommend stopping by here any day of the week. You can get here many different ways, but if you have the time a very S.F. way to arrive is by historic streetcar. The F Market line that runs along Market Street is a slice of history. This municipal line runs nothing but vintage trolleys from around the world. My favorite is the bone shaking Milano streetcars. They are orange, LOUD and have varnished wooden bench seats inside. This adds a fun element to your journey since the shaking of the trolley car with the slick varnish can cause you to vibrate down your row until you bump up against a fellow passenger. For you singles, rather than being embarrassed, this could be a way to meet locals or other tourists.....just a thought.

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