October 28, 2007

A Day in London

London is a fabulous city and deciding on just five things is tough. However, if you have never been and want a well rounded experience that will only make you want to return, then I have the perfect list for you. We start with the big red bus ride because you can hop on and off, and if you sit up on top a great starting place for your first time in the city. You can see lots more and get ideas of where you want to return on another trip.

Your first landmark stop must be the Tower of London. It is on the water, has the crown jewels, Beefeaters (including now the first female), ravens and dungeons! Add in all the incredible stories that go along with those ingredients and you have the best single landmark in town!

Afterwards, walk along the River Thames and across the Millennium Bridge, a long low structure that stretches toward the Tate Modern. The Modern is very cool building and home to many art installations that are unique, and I love their use of space. Enjoy the views on that side of the river and head back across towards St. Paul's Cathedral. As you walk along, your stomach will lead you to a wonderful meal in an Indian Restaurant in the City.

My top five if I had only a day would definitely include:
  1. Start with the Red Double Decker Bus ride
  2. Tower of London (see above)
  3. Walking across the Millennium Bridge, great spot for photos
  4. Tate Modern for some art and cool use of an old building
  5. Indian dinner at Mehek, 45 London Wall or other delicious smelling place

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