April 26, 2008

Little Yellow Hat Wearing Elephant Cleans Men's Toilet in Japanese Airport

clipped from news.3yen.com
robo-zo robot
Elephantine e’PISSoir robot debuts in Kobe Japan
..a urinal cleaning robot, the “DCBA” in Kobe Airport terminal..

..Mr. Susumu Kanai was in charge of the design of the DCBA. He said that, ” I imaged a powerful reversal of the urinal drain would be like an elephant and used this as the theme. Following that reversal theme, the robot’s brand name “DCBA” DCBA in Japanese [pronounced “DaSuBiEh“] is the reversal of the letters “ABCD.”
Mr. Kanai explained, “To express performing things in sequence in Japanese is commonly referred to as doing something “ABC” — I thought it would be a good idea for the logo to be the mirror reversal of ABCD….
Oh.my.God. I am taken back to my life in this country within a millisecond of reading this. I can confirm that all of this is true. By true I mean his explanation and that folks there would think that an elephant in your airport bathroom would be seen as appropriate. Granted if this was the US we might consider a pink elephant since the bank of restrooms would likely be near the airport bars (after security), and those serving "doubles for a $1.00 more"...and by those I mean SFO.

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