May 19, 2008

Italian Men gossip like the rest of us

Look at the old coots, they gossip as much as the next blog. Only Italian style...meaning, they sit at their local cafe/bar, smoke and enjoy an espresso. All the while catching up on the latest news.

This is why I get a travel dictionary and invest in the Rosetta Stone. I just want to know what they are saying, don't you?

The last time we were in Italy, we rented a place next door to Clooney and got allll the dirt from these guys, not the local rag.

Scoop: Giorgio complained that the spot in front of his gate shouldn't be used for the local trash pick up. The spot is where residents have been putting their bags for decades if not longer. They humored him for all of a day. Then reverted back. Bah. Clooney "eh criminale!"

Photo: S.F. Castellanos

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