June 11, 2008

The Sacred Valley of Peru

Anna D-C, a reader of this site and avid traveler, was recently in Peru and sent along these beautiful photos and write-up of her excursion.

Her writing may just cause you to forget about that stay home vacation (known as "staycations") and brave the airport chaos to explore Peru and the Inca ruins for yourself.
The Inca ruins of SACSAYHUAMAN are my personal favorite of those found in the Sacred Valley of Peru. A not-to-be-missed while in Cusco, this site is an excellent ruins warm-up before you check out the grandeur of Machu Picchu. The most impressive aspect of this hilltop fortress are the three massive, parallel stone walls that zigzag together across the plateau just over the other side of the mountain top from Cusco city and the valley below. They are thought to represent the jagged teeth of the puma, whose shape makes up the foundation of Cusco. Make sure to check out the natural stone slides located at SACSAYHUAMAN, and race some local children down the steep, smooth surfaces. Also, you might as well hike up the neighboring hill to take a picture of the huge Cristo Blanco figure that looms over the city, and can be spotted from anywhere at night when it's totally lit up.

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