June 21, 2008

Services Offer to Send Travelers' Luggage First

clipped from online.wsj.com
Luggage Forward
$147 for medium suitcase (up to 40 lbs.), three-day delivery via UPS.
Pickup: UPS driver arrived within promised two-hour window. Delivery: Suitcase was delivered on time.
Having a packet with shipping label and tag sent in advance eased the process somewhat (a couple of other companies asked us to print the label ourselves). Plus, the representative did call to inform us that bag made it to destination. But is all that enough to justify not having to go through UPS ourselves?
I don't know about you, but I love the Cranky Consumer column in the Wall Street Journal. Not that I am admitting to this handle myself, but I do understand the world of travel is changing around us and sometimes we can get a little low blood sugar...

So this particular column on June 19th, outlines the different services for sending your luggage ahead. I think it is a great idea if you can afford it. And the option of cutting out the middle man if you can is a great idea too.

I'm showing here the one company that came out in the middle of the pack, for price and service. What do you think? Would you suck it up and take your stuff through the many hoops that are required now or skip ahead?

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