August 24, 2008

Cody Wyoming and Yellowstone

We did a road trip a few years ago and discovered the joy of Yellowstone. We also enjoyed the majestic beauty of the Tetons and all the surrounding areas.

I must admit that if you go, do try and stay in the area for at least a week or more. We did and enjoyed both staying in Jackson as well as in the park of Yellowstone.

Staying in the area is worth it since you will have time to drive and see the entire park area and all the glory of nature and the wild and roaming animals. [be warned, you are responsible for each encounter with a bear or bison etc. they have the right of way and you have to get out of their path if one chooses to take a nap in front of your car]


So this photo is from a side trip to Cody just outside of the park at Yellowstone when we stayed the night at the Lake Hotel. It was so neat to see the sculpture at the near by museum and to buy a little Navajo jewelry.

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