August 26, 2008

Travel Maps or GPS

I'm reading that AAA is leaving the map business and folks are afraid, with the rise of GPS [global positioning systems] the travel map is dead.

My personal take is that maybe with the roadways in California and across the US so well mapped by Google Earth and the like, GPS in cars is actually better than a paper map. I certainly think that for many, it is safer. How many people do you see trying to steer and read a map at the same time, while driving down Highway 101 or 1? And with Costco selling the hand held GPS versions that talk to you while you drive, I bet the Highway Patrol would be glad to see paper maps go away.

My worry will have to wait until I see Michelin getting out of the map business. I love those big orange-red maps that are sold so that a country, like Italy or France, is sold in quadrants.

And I love the laminated city maps from Streetwise! They can get wet, they are concise, and they fold nicely for almost any excursion...bellisimo

I can't think of anything that can replace a colorful walking map of a new city that you are visiting. How many of these have you kept as souvenirs of your holiday?

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Spain Barcelona location map

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