October 25, 2008

Half Moon Bay Pumpkins

Boy I sure do love pumpkin. I love the endearment. One of the sweetest things is to overhear a parent call their little one "pumpkin"... And I love to eat pumpkin muffins and pie, yum! One year I took the time to cut up and steam my jack-o-lantern after Halloween and made muffins and pies from scratch! It was a great feeling of accomplishment and something I highly recommend everyone trying once. It was a very "Martha" moment for me.

As for the color of pumpkin, it is very flattering, warm and bright. Reminds me of certain sunsets here in California. I can't tell you how many pretty coastal photos I have taken that are bathed in an almost pumpkin-like color.

And did you get out to this past weekend's annual pumpkin festival here in Northern California? There were lots of wonderful crafts and cover bands and smoked turkey drumsticks. Dee-lish-us. If you missed it, don't worry because you can still find lots of pumpkins along Highway 1 at many of the family run farms.

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