November 3, 2008

Muralist Mona Caron captures the Noe Valley Spirit in San Francisco

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The first time I discovered Mona Caron, it was while staring out my window riding on the J Church trolley heading over to Noe Valley [a sweet neighborhood in San Francisco, filled with great local shops along its central 24th Street]. Mona had painted a mural along the wall that ran outside my window of a golden, ribbon-like bike trail. It is quintessentially San Francisco, with a mountain bike rider and the Pacific Ocean.

Recently Mona completed a new mural in Noe Valley, on the outside walls of apartment buildings on either side of a parking lot along 24th Street. This parking lot is owned by the Noe Valley Ministry and hosts a small but well attended year-round farmers market every Saturday. From 8:00 am you can bring children (you’ll always find lots of kid friendly music & sidewalk chalk) and with a cup of Martha’s Brothers Coffee, stroll by dozens of stands filled with fresh bread, apple cider, and local produce [Happy Boy salad greens are a favorite!]. Mona's murals depicting beautiful warm images of this same locally sourced produce adds richness to this converted parking lot that is unique. I highly recommend taking public transportation (i.e. J Church) the first Saturday you have free.

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