October 31, 2008

REI rescues my feet with Ahnu pair of shoes!

Sorry for the bad pun, but I am so excited about my new pair of shoes. I stopped by my local REI this afternoon for a new pair of shoes. If you have never been, or don't know, REI began as a group of 23 mountain climbers and is now the nation's largest consumer cooperative. They have a huge selection of outdoor gear in their stores, online and they have an outlet. (And from previous experience, they are one of the few companies that ship to Japan!)

I love REI because not only do they have excellent brands of yoga gear, running clothes, ski helmets and camp stoves but they also have a great house brand. And they give back. I just love going there even if I just get a new toy or new piece of gear for my dog.

So I was saying, we've finally started to get our rains this week and "very quickly" I realized I needed a pair of shoes that would hold up to the rain. [By very quickly I mean the pair of shoes I had on yesterday were ruined by the unexpected down pour I had to stand in while I waited for my bus.]

I hustled up the stairs today to the shoe wall and though I slowed down to check out the yoga pants (always looking for the perfect pair), my feet found their way to the pair of shoes that you see here. And for the first time I posted a review...check it out below. And yes, my dog really did give these Ahnu shoes the once over with her nose when I got home.

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