November 7, 2008

Open Letter: Visiting the Grand Canyon

Hello! I am visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time in the next few days and my excitement is climbing. Yay! And hopefully my feet will be climbing soon a few rocks in the Mojave National Preserve and in Red Rock Canyon.

Having watched dozens of National Geographic special episodes on Sunday nights as a kid, I am scared my actual experience won't meet my expectations. Has that happened to you? I admit that this kind of happened to me and Disneyland. The first time I went there I was eight years old and the second and last time, I was twenty years old. Not a good idea.

I promise to post pictures of my adventure and any good recommendations I find. While I am out and about, and distracted from posting, do send me any questions you have about Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. I will try and do some on the ground research for you. Happy Trails.

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