November 13, 2008

The world is again, all about travel.

Editorial Note:

It is an exciting time in the U.S. We just elected a president that has a huge chance to alter the course of our country in a positive way that will be felt for decades. I am excited because this also means that for us travelers and global citizens, we again can begin our journeys exploring the world around us without fear. The U.S. has been low on the list of pleasant countries to be a citizen of for many years now, so having a president that is viewed by the world as a leader and positive game changer is wonderful.

I am looking forward for the first time in a long while to getting outside the U.S. again and engaged in friendly conversations with other world citizens, at airports and cafes alike. There is something so exhilarating when you find yourself in the middle of a trip simultaneously delighting in the newness of your environment and engaging in a lively conversation with a fellow traveler. I've felt this way while sitting with my feet buried in the sand at an outdoor café in Bali and across the world, while sipping a glass of wine in Venice savoring the sight of the sun setting over La Giudecca. If there ever was a time to get your passport dusted off, it has arrived. The world is again, all about travel.

Peace and happy trails.

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