December 9, 2008

Exploring Northern California Beaches

I love this area of California and I love taking Sunday drives along the coast. Each time we do, there is always something new to discover. We have visited little seaside towns along Highway 1 and made lots of new friends along the way.

Of course many of my discoveries include new places to eat - love that our Garmin GPS includes restaurants!

A recent coastal gem we explored was Pescadero, south of Half Moon Bay on Highway 1 and north of Santa Cruz. More on that experience soon, I have a great spot to highlight, Duarte's Tavern! We're going there for a 'noggin soon and some crab.


  1. while at Duarte's, don't forget to try the Olallieberry Pie! Well worth a drive out to the coast just for that treat :-)

  2. Thanks! I forgot they had that and I LOVE pie!


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