December 11, 2008

More Leg Room But Still Coach

Would you pay more for leg room? It seems as if airlines are looking to create an "a la carte" way to buy plane tickets. The industry wants to know what value we passengers place on the travel experience.

I suppose we all have our price points and a value we place for what is most important to us when we travel. Most lean towards the value of food on their flight or free drinks. My choices differ based on whether I am flying domestic or international.

I have not done it but I am sure I can find one friend who has bought a TSA - scanned retina and thumb print - pass to accelerate their way through security at the airport.

This discussion came up a couple of weeks ago in the Wall Street Journal, here is a bit from the story for our thread:

British Airways serves regular meals in its premium-economy cabin and boards premium-economy passengers with coach customers. Virgin offers a separate check-in area for premium-economy passengers, boards them along with business-class customers and offers food service that is upgraded from coach, but is nowhere near as elaborate as its "Upper Class" business cabin. Both airlines have separate toilets reserved for premium-economy customers, but on recent flights coach customers were using them, too.

Air France says its premium-economy cabin, which will start flying in October or November next year, will include a seat that pivots on the bottom like a movie-theater seat so that the person in front of you doesn't recline into your lap. Two rows of premium-economy seats will take up the same space as three rows of economy seats, and on wide-body jets with nine seats across each row in coach, premium economy will have eight seats across.

- Has the surcharge for bags affected your travel plans?
- How much is comfort worth to you?

With ski season here, will you pay the extra fees for your boots and other equipment - or skip the airline and ship them to your destination?

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