December 20, 2008

Travel writing with Uptake

I have taken my writing to a more grassroots level and am now writing regularly for - a travel site that aims to make the process of booking travel online easier.

Uptake has the largest database of US hotels and activities - over 400,000 of them - from more than 1,000 different travel sites.

Check out my scintillating piece from the other day about the fabulous Pat Kuleto owned steakhouse Epic...and read about a romantic night out in San Francisco during the holidays.

Don't "they" always say that you are suppose to find your passion and make a living from that? I'm half way there. I love to travel and take photos - to get out and about - and I love to share my finds with friends and really almost anyone who basically asks me.

With Uptake, I get to write about restaurants and vacation ideas and everything in between - and share this information with anyone who clicks on my pages or subscribes to my RSS Feed - how easy!

I will be writing at Uptake every week since they really value my perspective - I hope you will come visit me there.

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