November 30, 2010

Family Poetry: Honoring Loretta

My amazing grandmother
My grandmother died exactly 35 years ago today.  I think of her often and wish we had time together now.   She had such stories to tell.  Her travels to Asia in the 1920s are only documented by a few photos. 

As a young girl I recognized and appreciated her spirit of adventure and independence. She knew how to live in the moment and create her home wherever she lived.  Through her I learned to create a feeling of home anywhere I set my shoes.

My great-aunt Molly wrote the following poem honoring her older sister, my grandmother.

We drove to the marina and parked
On a strange, a dream like day.
The sky was a breath-taking blue,
And a light breeze rippled the bay.

Such beauty pierces the heart,
And we had nothing to say -
For Loretta loved the song of the sea,
And Loretta died today.

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