September 30, 2008

Street Fairs and Festivals

Street fairs bring out the most creative sorts, don't you think? I just went to the Pacific Coast Fog Fest in Pacifica, California. That had a different sort of creativity, like in the types of tattoos people were sporting!

On the weekend following Columbus Day is the 38th Annual Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival...and then Thanksgiving! Am I scaring you with the rush of holidays looming? That to me is what happens when Labor Day comes and the street fairs turn into festivals...


September 28, 2008

Pacific Coast Fog Fest 2008

Hells Angels selling t-shirts, local music, tattooed parents, Half Moon Bay micro-brews, San Mateo County libraries fundraising and kettle corn are the highlights of this year's festival.

There is still time if you are in town...vroom, vroom.

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Chihuly at the De Young Museum

Here is a photo from my brother-in-law's iPhone! I can't believe I missed this exhibit.....did you see any of this incredible glass artwork?
Chihuly at the de Young is an exploration of the groundbreaking artwork of Dale Chihuly. From the Mille Fiori (a 56-foot garden of glass) to the Saffron Tower (a 30-foot neon sculpture), this exhibition challenges convention with a feast of bold color, dramatic forms and extraordinary composition.

Chihuly at the de Young is Dale Chihuly’s first major exhibition in San Francisco, and includes eleven galleries of new and archival works representing the breadth and scope of the artist’s creative vision over the last four decades. The de Young Museum is the only venue for this exhibition.

September 26, 2008

Come on get happy...

Ever wanted to rent one of those Good Sam motor homes for a road trip? How about getting a pile of friends into one car/van going down to Florida for spring break? 

This unique "vehicle" I discovered in a Safeway parking lot today, surprised that it was street legal [I watched it drive into the lot from the highway] and intrigued because it reminded of that surfing family...kowabonga!

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September 24, 2008

School Bags that make great carry-on luggage

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I may have left school beyond years ago [cough, more like decades but who is counting] but don't you think this school bag would make a chic carry-on for your next trip?

Click here for more looks...

September 22, 2008

Yankee Stadium no more

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Going, Going, Gone
The house that Ruth built hosted its last game this weekend. I sure wish I had gone to a game there when I was last in NYC. A few years back, I made it to see the Chicago Cubs play Wrigley Field [Old Style served in the stands, just like in Japan at the Tokyo Dome. Only you didn't have the sweaty but smiling girl pour you a beer from a pony keg on her back].

September 20, 2008

Fall Travel Ideas

Are you planning a getaway now that the kids are back in school and the major cities of Europe are clear? Now that the heat and humidity of August has passed are you ready to skip town? September-October are two of the best months to visit Italy. The crowds have moved on and the weather is perfection. Go! Run away...

September 15, 2008

Stylish Travel Tip: Vivienne Tam Special Edition Notebook

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Viviennetam Notebook
Everyone knows that we prefer Macs, but this incredibly stylish PC that looks like a clutch is very chic and a great way to travel in style! Definitely an item I would check out at Duty Free while on my way to Hong Kong.

September 13, 2008

Mykonos Island Greece

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We have friends honeymooning here this week and I am very jealous. Have you been? Send tips and suggestions for my next vacation please...oopah!

It looks amazing and with the coastal fog of my hometown, I see photos and visualize Mamma Mia the movie, or more likely the movie Summer Lovers....yes, that is Darryl Hannah and Mr. Lisa Renna...ouch.

September 10, 2008

Whale Watching on the Pacific Ocean

Soon it will be that time of year, when the mama whales cruise down from Alaska to Baja in Mexico, to give birth to their babies.

I have seen the little sweet visuals at Puerto Vallarta in Mexico of the mamas with their calves. I have also seen them near Maui, Hawaii on their way north back to Alaska after their maternity leave is over.

You should consider a whale watching excursion of your own. It is truly amazing.

September 7, 2008

Hot tamale: A guide to Mexico's wrapped delights

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I loved this story. It reminded me of Like Water for Chocolate in its descriptive style of tamales and why it is time to head down Mexico way again. Yum and Yum.

Please to enjoy a sample:

Mexico's original take-out food, tamales (singular: tamal) developed in pre-Hispanic Mexico and became more sophisticated with the Spanish introduction of pork and other ingredients. Today, tamales show up as both walk-away snacks and elaborate fiesta delicacies, and like all Mexican cuisine, they vary widely by region and family tradition. The most popular rellenos (fillings) are pork and cheese, but might be anything from fish to iguana, augmented by pumpkin, pineapple rice or peanuts, and tucked into a blanket of yellow, black or purple corn dough called masa. They may be baked, steamed or grilled in a jacket of dried corn husks or fresh corn or banana leaves. Sometimes tamales are even wrapped in palm, avocado or leaves of chaya (a spinach-like vegetable).

September 4, 2008

Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo, Italy

I have friends getting married today in Tremezzo, Italy. We couldn't fly out there but we send them all the best wishes on their new life together.

Though the weather reports for today are cloudy with rain, we are posting this lovely sunny day from our last visit there.


September 3, 2008

Beaches along the Pacific Ocean

Do you surf? Have you been to the Mavericks contest at Half Moon Bay in Northern California? When you go on vacation or even for a Sunday drive, do you like to stop by a coastal cafe for some clam chowder? I can answer "yes" to two of the three....there is something about the Pacific Ocean that is mesmerizing. Good weather or bad, I just love it. I also admire the people who surf it.

Check out this clip about an entire family who lived out of a small motor home and lived the surf culture. An amazing documentary. Thank you Netflix.

Surfwise: The Amazing True Odyssey of the Paskowitz Family.
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