November 30, 2010

Family Poetry: Honoring Loretta

My amazing grandmother
My grandmother died exactly 35 years ago today.  I think of her often and wish we had time together now.   She had such stories to tell.  Her travels to Asia in the 1920s are only documented by a few photos. 

As a young girl I recognized and appreciated her spirit of adventure and independence. She knew how to live in the moment and create her home wherever she lived.  Through her I learned to create a feeling of home anywhere I set my shoes.

My great-aunt Molly wrote the following poem honoring her older sister, my grandmother.

We drove to the marina and parked
On a strange, a dream like day.
The sky was a breath-taking blue,
And a light breeze rippled the bay.

Such beauty pierces the heart,
And we had nothing to say -
For Loretta loved the song of the sea,
And Loretta died today.

November 16, 2010

Japanese Television: Cooking WIth Dog

This YouTube video is what I love about Japan and Japanese television. Talking helpful Poodle? Check. Detailed instructional show with a great name? Check!

This video for Ebi Fry 海老フライ reminds me how I miss Japanese television and the delicious prepared foods I could buy at the Peacock or Seifu grocery stores.

November 14, 2010

Amazing Race Still Amazes!

I love the Amazing Race Season 17. From the start it is easy to see why it wins Emmy Awards. Each episode satisfies my love for travel and reminds me how it should be savored and not rushed.

The team members cannot hide who has an intolerant nature. It is clear who among them has never ventured outside their city, let alone the country before. In some ways the show is a promotion for solo travel.  It seems clear who will be divorcing, breaking up or ending a friendship.

I wonder who will travel more after the show ends?

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