March 5, 2011

Travel-velocity slow to stop

Travel is tough when the view looks like this. For me actually it isn't the rain that keeps me home but the city view. I love my San Francisco view plain and simple. It makes it difficult for me to leave. Crazy? Maybe.

I certainly have friends who can't wait to get away to somewhere warm and dry by the time February and March arrive. They either live in the snow and are tired of shoveling the white stuff and driving through it, or they live in the northern wet and muddy regions. However for me, I can't complain because for the most part our weather in San Francisco is mild compared to places like Seattle or Boston.

So, I think I will sit here and enjoy this passing storm, not complain when I have to put on a rain slicker to take the dog out for a walk, and contemplate my return to Japan. I am due for an Asia adventure and it has been quite a few years since a flight took me in that direction. So far three good reasons: Japanese friends are having babies, I'm interested in experiencing Vietnam, and I would like to go back to Bali again.

February 23, 2011

Do these Creative People travel?

These detailed sculptures made from household items are hilarious. The way they were photographed helps too.  Now my question is: does travel spark creativity like this or are they already creative and naturally came up with these great images?

January 29, 2011

Lions and Tigers Oh My!

Falling back in love with San Francisco, I have been exploring my city by foot and by neighborhood.  Recently I went to the re-opened and completely renovated California Academy of Sciences.

This science hall could be an entire day if you want or a healthy four hours.  They have exhibits like this one, with incredible life-like lions and tigers.  If you stay longer, I suggest adding a visit to the Planetarium to rest your feet while you enjoy the view.

January 22, 2011

Oxbow Public Market in Napa helps fill the void

Day trips from San Francisco. Why leave this great city and head north? On a sunny day it would be a tough call but unless you left really early and plan to stay in Tahoe to ski, my favorite incentive to head north across the Golden Gate Bridge would have to be to check out Napa.  Downtown Napa around the waterfront has been getting a much needed face-lift since COPIA closed.

COPIA was wonderful and I will miss Julia's Kitchen as well as the good intentions of this wine, food and arts center.  However what is a great surprise and treat is my discovery of the Oxbow Public Market across the parking lot.

Fresh Oysters at Hog Island

This marketplace reminded me a little of the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace.  The vendors are all local and focused closely on good quality products. They compliment each other and include: Ritual Coffee Roaster, Fatted Calf, C Casa Taqueria, Three Twins Ice Cream, Five Dot Ranch, Hog Island Oyster Co. to name just some of the great food choices.

Best Oysters Rockefeller!
Besides the fresh oysters, we also had a homemade hot dog that was amazing at Five Dot Ranch.  They asked our feedback and I was happy to describe how the flavor was perfection and we'd be back for sure.  What was delicious but I could have eaten more was the duck taco from C Casa Taqueria.  I think next time I will get a whole or half duck to take home too. They looks divine on the rotisserie!

We definitely plan to return for more and maybe get in a little kayak down the Napa River when the temperatures warm up.
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