June 8, 2009

Monterey, California is Where the Best Dad Lives

The best father lives here in Monterey, California and is now officially retired. He can show you the houses of lots of famous residents. He knows how to tip people properly. His second wife has been married to him longer than his first wife which I admire. He took me fishing in the bay with old commercial fishermen and was proud that I didn't get seasick.

This father knows all the best places to eat, and where each kitchen entrance is located along with the names of most of the staff. He has lived here on the Monterey Peninsula so long that he knows short cuts so you don't get stuck in traffic. This father owns a white dinner jacket like Tony Bennett and Bobby Darin, and has sat at the captain's table on a cruise ship, they took a photo.

This father has overcome a lot of obstacles and keeps trying. He was a kid who had to stand in line for butter and sugar during World War II in San Francisco. He is a great supporter of all of his kids and grandkids though not always at the same time. He listened to his daughter's music while sitting on a bean bag chair on the ground under a tent at an amusement park, once.

Visit Monterey with your own father and enjoy some of the tips from mine. Here are some of his secrets:

- Golden Tee Restaurant, a small & very local place for a bite to eat or drink, located on the upper deck of the Monterey Airport Terminal
- Drive slowly along Ocean View Blvd and take in the water from Monterey through Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach
- Enjoy a bucket of golf balls at the public course in Pacific Grove
- Get up early, grab a coffee or tea and walk to Fisherman's Wharf to enjoy the sunrise
- Take a scoop of ice cream and walk along the waterfront until you get to Cannery Row

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