July 21, 2009

Natalie Portman Featured in FINCA Mexico: Stories of Hope

If you were ever curious about this blog's sidebar and the content there, wonder no more. Much of the content is static, as it is just fun to share interesting links. There is an actual list of books and music that are honestly on my MP3 player and on my bookshelf. Further down the list is a FINCA badge that is there to simply remind all of us that very little separates us on this planet, that we share many of the same issues.

The badge is also there to share the connection I have with Natalie Portman and Village Banking. I believe as a global citizen:

  • It is my duty to help others outside of my own country
  • Borders are often a state of mind
  • If we empower women, we help the future
  • Micro loans are effective
  • A rising tide lifts all boats

It is interesting how Gwyneth Paltrow easily gets popular media coverage for her Spanish language skills and her possible move to a home in Spain, while Natalie Portman quietly and without fanfare creates a documentary "FINCA Mexico: Stories of Hope” showing the success of micro credit.

Give a little and change a lot...www.villagebanking.org

“FINCA Mexico: Stories of Hope” is a moving new documentary featuring Golden Globe Award winner Natalie Portman—FINCA’s Ambassador of Hope—visiting clients of the FINCA program in Mexico to learn of their struggles, triumphs, and determination to craft a better future for their families. The film was directed by Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize-winning documentary director Juan Carlos Rulfo. Ms. Portman, who also serves as a co-chair of the Village Banking Campaign, created the film to offer FINCA supporters a more in-depth view of a program in action and open a window into the daily lives of FINCA clients.

Watch and learn more about the power of microlending in Mexico. Go to FINCA and see how you can help create a village bank and lift millions out of poverty by 2010. You can make a difference.

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