August 13, 2009

Golden Gate Park Day - How to Spend the Afternoon

piece of recycled denim by sfcphotography

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is so huge that you could easily get overwhelmed trying to decide how to spend your day there. Fortunately most of the key museums and park activities have great people behind them and so have quite extensive information on websites.

The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, California is now open for business after many years of construction and rebuilding after the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. It is a destination that will satisfy young and old.

[Fun fact: Levi Strauss Co donated 200,000 pairs of jeans for the insulation of the new museum. Ultra Touch is a U.S. company that makes denim insulation for houses and commercial buildings too]

This entire concourse in Golden Gate Park is such a wonderful destination for any trip to San Francisco. As you travel through the park, you will find a golf course, places to fish, see roaming buffalo or sail a model boat.

At the very end of the park, resting against the edge of the Pacific Ocean, at Ocean Beach you will find two places to rest and enjoy a meal. The Cliff House is a landmark from 1863, but with several options for dining based on price and atmosphere. Also close by, and truly at the edge of the park, next to the old Dutch Windmill is the Beach Chalet and Park Chalet. They are offer casual dining with incredible views and great food.

Top 5 Attractions in Golden Gate Park:
  1. California Academy of Sciences - get your smart on!
  2. De Young Museum - get your arts and creative juices flowing!
  3. Japanese Tea Garden - feel the serenity of Japan...omm
  4. Steinhart Aquarium - dive into watery depths of awe!
  5. Convervatory of Flowers - smell your way to heaven...ahhh

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