May 28, 2010

Family Travels - Final push out of the nest and into the air

My sister is like these daisies. Sweet and happy looking, with bright open faces.  With her first big trip out of the country almost here, we spent one more day together for final purchases.

She has been told that she can take jeans now so she wants a new pair. I thought of steering her in the direction of those Not My Daughters Jeans at Nordstrom.  With her figure they might be the most flattering.  I want to minimize her "freshman traveler" look.  However she could not be convinced.  Instead she got two pairs of Style&Co jeans at Macys, a brand she currently was wearing.

Fine, I gave up.  What I did convince her to buy was a pair of socks for the plane.  They are the therapeutic socks that will keep her blood from pooling in her ankles during the long flight.  She doesn't know where she is sitting so she could be stuck in the middle of a row for hours at a time.

We also decided that she should get a neck pillow. REI had one for $20 that was a simple deflatable model that also had a nice soft fleece cover to it.  This will support her neck if she falls asleep, which I doubt she is too excited.

My work is over now. I have given her maps and books, advice and a list of her favorite foods in French. She swore to me that she would take notes or at least try really hard to remember the good stuff that happens between everyone.  I love anecdotal moments the most.

I know that the dynamic and differences between the six of them has to be fodder for some sparks during meal time at least.  At most, we will have a melt down by one of them at some stage.  It's three weeks together

Now I guess I will just sit back and wait to hear how it all goes down when they all return. I am going to be on pins and needles until the end of June!

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