November 8, 2007

A Day in Barcelona

If I had a day in Barcelona my top five would include walking the Las Ramblas, enjoying tapas, going to the Gaudi park (known as Parc Guell) with its incredible colors and waiting in line for a tour of the Picasso Museum.

My Top Five things to do:

  1. Picasso Museum
  2. Tapas for lunch
  3. Parc Guell
  4. La Ramblas stroll
  5. Tapas again for dinner!

Did you know tapas means a portion of food, a nibble usually savoury, it can be anything from olives to meat balls. In England tapas used to be the pickled eggs and roast potatoes some pubs served on Sundays. Until 20 years ago it was very common for a bar to give one tapa for every drink you bought, and in some parts of Spain they still do that.

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