April 21, 2009

Cuba on my mind

My married name has many who are of Cuban descent attached to it but I cannot claim that. However, my love of history, people and all things global and about the love of travel has me enraptured with the notion that in my lifetime I might step onto the shores of Cuba!

There is something certainly romantic to my generation about the notion of Cuba. We have been denied access as Americans but we have been privy to all of the other countries out there that do not have the same political issues that seem to keep their citizens from Cuba's shores.

Americans have the tension from the Bay of Pigs Invasion in its history books and we have the Cuban-Americans on the Eastern Seaboard keeping the hot blood alive with regards to views of Castro and how the country is managed. My opinions are nil here but my desire to visit the Cuban coast and its cities is strong.

With the recent news of the current US Presidential administration seriously considering working out its policies so that we might return to regularly visiting this amazing land of incredible music i.e. Los-Zafiros and Buena Vista Social Club and intellectuals like Ry Cooder - there is incredible excitement in my neck of the woods.

It would be a dream to freely visit, savor and enjoy the land, its people, its culture and foods first hand. My camera awaits! My journal awaits! Hopefully my life will continue long enough that this will happen, but my breath will not be held because that is a fool's errand as they say. Until then I will continue to learn all about the land and its people until my passport will allow me entry.

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