April 16, 2009

Installation Art and other funded projects in San Francisco

Walking around the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is enlightening every time. It has been more than 20 years since my first visit and it always impresses me with its beauty.

Besides the incredible landscape, there are numerous opportunities for people watching and chatting if you are up to it. Lots of residents like to bring their dogs for walks along the water. We often stop and chat with the seniors we see sitting on the benches soaking up some sunshine. Many will tell us about what the area was like during the Depression or World War II.

Two of my great aunts were both active during World War II, with my Aunt Dorothy telling me how one of her jobs was to drive a jeep with young soldiers in it - ferrying them from the Presidio down the hill to Fort Mason where ships were waiting. She told me how frequently she would kiss one of them before he shipped off to either Asia or Europe, the little minx.

On glorious days, especially during the spring months, you will see picnics and birthday parties galore. This area is very child friendly and as long as you keep your dog on a leash, very pet friendly. Stand along the seawall and you may catch sight of colorful kite surfers or kite flyers. The San Francisco Bay has a lot of sailboats and tankers coming through its Golden Gate on a regular clip. If you grab a bench and a cup of coffee from the Warming Hut - there will be lots of activity to keep you entertained for hours.

Many tour buses come to the area and you will see a constant stream of tourists on rental bicycles pedaling along the designated paths. It is a sight to behold. The government agency running this national park and the Presidio Trust I believe are behind this beautiful transformation of the area, begun about five years ago. They have done a wonderful job and continue to work hard to preserve this landmark.

Years ago during the war this stretch of land of an old airstrip, then it was just a dilapidated portion of the Presidio of San Francisco. We used to Rollerblade and ride our bikes along here when it was mostly gravel and boarded up buildings, slowly crumbling.

Walking through this area now is breathtaking. You can't take a bad photo nor can you not smile while you walk. Enjoy the marked paths all the way to Golden Gate Bridge or Fort Point.


  1. Nice post and shots. I'm still trying to figure out what the last one is. Earth, or aboriginal art or Salvador Dali style? Sometimes I miss the obvious.

  2. Thanks Cate!

    It is Earth just like the Flower Power grass globe - but this wooden type is labeled with motivational notes.


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