May 9, 2009

Fun Ways to Tour San Francisco

A fun way to see the City by the Bay, also known as the City of St. Francis is this vintage touring car driven by Mr. Toad's tours. This particular car was original used in Yellowstone National Park - one of my favorite landscapes.

All of Mr. Toad's touring cars are pre-1930s and run on propane, so they are very earth-friendly. Contemplating our imprint on the environment is something important to me, here is a great book that I read you might want to bring on your visit here.

But don't forget that San Francisco is a very walkable city besides having great transportation choices. Maybe the best thing to pack when visiting besides your camera, is a good pair of comfortable shoes!

Come visit anytime and consider some of these ideas for touring the city:

  1. Rent a bicycle from Blazing Saddles or maybe a tandem bicycle for 2
  2. Take Muni, the public transit system
  3. Rent a Yellow Go Cart with GPS
  4. Hire a limo
  5. Take a Cable Car tour or charter one for a personalized experience
  6. Go on an Urban Safari
  7. Ride in a Zeppelin high above San Francisco in your own Airship!

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