May 2, 2009

Virgin Airlines with Green Fairies Onboard?

Virgin America is proud to be the first to offer Absinthe on their flights...yes, the potent potable that may cause blindness, speaking in tongues or cause you to see a green fairy (think William Shatner in this classic Twilight Zone episode).

This email arrived and my first thought was to look up and ask the travel gods - who else thinks this might be a bad idea? Having experienced the effects of Absinthe in a famous town square in the city of Prague, my opinions are biased.

This strikes me as something a more sophisticated passenger list might appreciate on international flights, in say, Virgin Upper Class? Is it being too cynical to imagine that we will soon see a "celebrity" flying from LA to NYC ordering this stuff then getting themselves escorted off the plane in handcuffs upon landing?

This is a difficult discussion though because there are clearly two sides to this. Now that Absinthe is legally available in the United States, should we offer it on a plane where we have people already looking around suspiciously at passengers who "look different" from themselves? If you are on a flight with a loud and crying baby, and you drink Absinthe, will the baby turn itself into a happy green fairy or a mad and angry green fairy? Do we want to find out?

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