December 6, 2009

Camels! Camels! Camels!

A highlight from my day trip to Tangier in Morocco, North Africa was being close enough to touch the incredibly calm and hardworking camels. Their faces tell a story that I would be interested to read.

I couldn't stop staring at them as they carried someone around on their back. If we had been at a dude ranch or some beach resort, I would expect to see the frustrated nag horse to plod along or the rebellious horse kick up their hooves in surly defiance. It was mesmerizing to watch how serene the camels were as they carried their passenger. No spitting as one might expect from the general stereotype stories, only a bumpy ride for a squealing tourist.

And then there was the baby camel, getting exposed to the foreign visitors. It looked like it might be the baby of one of the working camels. It reminded me of Winged Migration, the documentary that showed how the cameras got so close to film the birds, simply by exposing the sounds that cameras make while the birds were still in their shells and soon after hatching.

Why do camels cross their legs like that? The green rope kept the little guy from going anywhere but what was worse than seeing him tied up for me, was seeing all the flies settle on his face. It is a disturbing image, so I'm including the only photo I could get with just one fly showing.

Boy do I sound like some loony liberal, big-hearted, animal lover or what?! Well, I say so what. Maybe I anthropomorphize animals just a little, but is that so wrong? I consider myself just a little extra empathetic rather than an extreme animal rights liberation type. We could all do with a little more empathy these days. And besides, isn't he cute?! I just love the sleepy eyes and pursed lips, not to mention those crazy long eyelashes!

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