December 29, 2009

Save money but eat well in San Francisco

Sometimes when we travel we sacrifice a little on the food budget. We take chances and eat from taco trucks. We eat street food. We may skip meals. If you come to San Francisco there are many ways to eat well for less money, more than you may expect.

Some of the best places may be a surprise to visitors, but worth a try I promise. San Francisco enjoys the benefits of having so many citizens who are from other countries and cultures. We have lots of wonderful restaurants and cafes that offer foods from around the world.

You will likely get a better tasting - and inexpensive - meal if you try one of the many burrito shops, taco trucks, ramen shops or steam tables than if you went to a restaurant advertised in the lobby of a hotel.

Here are four of my favorites:

Yank Sing 2 Go - steam table Chinese food
El Gallo Giro Taco Truck - tasty soft tacos
Sapporo-ya - savory ramen shop
La Corneta Taqueria - best burrito

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