March 21, 2010

Father's Day: Now for something completely different

Okay so it is a little early for talking about Father's Day but since I was just speaking about my mother, it is only fair to consider the flip side. My father.

My father lives on the Monterey Peninsula in California, a scenic gorgeous area on the coast. This photo of the wharf area was taken on one of our early morning (note: more like crack of dawn) walks together. He is a wonderful man who took his blue collar roots and added a flair that I admire.

He has had the travel bug since I can remember and probably passed it on to me. He certainly passed on to me his love of traveling in style. He has more photos of him wearing his white dinner jacket, with hand-tied bow tie, sitting at the captain's table than anyone else I know. He proudly showed me his traveling min-bar once. It is a beautiful leather carryall that holds a shaker, a jigger, all the necessary bar utensils and two glasses.

He savors traveling in comfort and seeing new places and meeting new people. I know he is really happy for my mom about her upcoming adventure. I'm sure part of him wishes he had done this with her back when they were happy and married. We are headed down to see him this week to celebrate my husband's birthday and celebrate my father's health. He doesn't get to travel the way he used to anymore. Today at 78, he travels more in his memories and through the pages of his books and photo albums.

My father reminds me that life is too short to endure a mediocre trip. Travel with flair. Enjoy the world out there and its diversity. His love for getting out and about is a counter balance to my mother's reserved demeanor and hesitations. I can appreciate that now whenever I travel with my husband. He likes to tease me about having one foot on the gas and one on the brake - at the same time. As if that is a bad thing....

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