March 12, 2010

Travel Photo: Spring in San Francisco

Yesterday was the second of two gorgeous sunny days here in San Francisco. Today is a different story. However let's focus on yesterday since it clearly is more beautiful and a wonderful reminder of why San Francisco is a destination city.

I was out taking my dog for a walk up and down our hills when I found this landscape. Isn't it out of this world? How does someone make an urban sidewalk feel like I'm in the middle of Avatar?

This is 3-D with only sunglasses!

What makes this special too is that anyone is free to enjoy it. Just walk to Castro and Liberty Streets.

These plants look indigenous to the Bay Area but I don't know for sure. However some looked like I had seen them at the florist shop or in a large vase in the lobby of an office building.

I'm just so impressed and appreciative that we have San Francisco residents who decide to landscape around their home in a way that brings beauty to the public sidewalk, not just their own backyard.

And you want to know the best part? I took this photo with my iPhone (the 3G but not the 3G S). Thanks Apple. When we are out and about I appreciate it when I can capture the moment rather than kick myself for forgetting my camera. It happens sometimes when I am too focused on counting out enough poop bags to bring. Yes, I'm talking about Cleo...

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  1. Very nice! I love your photo so much. Very artistic.


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