April 20, 2010

Travel Tuesday - Sisterly Advice

My sister is coming to town tomorrow. We have decided to spend the day together trying to figure out what she needs to take with her on her trip to Europe in June, and what she should leave behind.

My sister is much more familiar with driving as the mode of travel for her vacations. She can drive hours and hours without complaining. I bet she loved that road trip Oprah did with Gayle.

My sister rarely flies and has never been out of the country before. On this trip she will be gone for more than two weeks.

She already is worried about what to use for carrying her gear and what the difference is between an adapter and a converter. Her style and needs are such that I bet stores like Sports Basement, REI and Orvis will be more her speed than the trendy Flight 001 in Hayes Valley.

Hopefully she will remember to bring her lists and her electronics. Unfortunately she is not an Apple person, which would make things easier for her but I am sure we can find the right converters and adapters for her camera and phone at Get Lost Travel Books Maps & Gear. They have knowledgeable staff who I know can help us.

It should be an interesting day together. I hope she doesn't get overwhelmed but I will try to inspire her about getting all this first time stuff out of the way. Once she knows what to take for this trip, the next trip will be that much easier.

And I hope she stays excited about the notion that this will be the first of many overseas trips for her. She loves traveling and I do not see why she can't do more world travel that is just for her and not because my brother planned it.

My sister really is smart and clever, she just doesn't always believe it, which is one reason why I plan to give her these resources for next time:

Women's Travel Club

Women Traveling Together

Women's Adventure Travel

I have never used them but groups like these can show her that she isn't alone. There are many like-minded women out there who she can travel with. My sister needs to get out and about. Her kids have grown and it is time she does more for her own enjoyment, and that is where I come in!

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