April 26, 2010

Unexpected Roadtrip: Richmond VA to LA

My 25 year old niece drove herself along with her surprise passenger, from Richmond Virginia along the southern route of the US before dropping her passenger off in Los Angeles. Since this sort of cross country trip is something that I have always wanted to try, I asked her to document her drive.

Her surprise passenger was her brother. He surprised her and everyone else in the family when he took a few days off work and jumped on a plane to make the drive with her. It was sweet and we all were happy that he rode shotgun.

I'm not sure if it is because I grew up in a law enforcement household or what, but I never would have considered taking that drive on my own. However I can tell you many friends of mine from the East Coast and Midwest have driven across country multiple times without any problems.

One of these days though, my plan is to follow Route 66 at least from end to end and document it. Then I could stay at the WigWam Motel in Arizona! Our theme song could be Johnny Cash, I've been everywhere man.

Okay I digress, this post is for my amazing niece and her roadtrip back to California! The Golden State and all of the family welcomes her return! Too bad she is focused on her career in the restaurant industry, these photos aren't bad - take a look along with her comments...

My brother and I stopped at Marlowe's Ribs and Restaurant in Memphis. It's right down the street from Graceland, and had some awesome BBQ.

Crazy snow storm in New Mexico/Arizona! Who knew it snowed in New Mexico/Arizona?! I certainly didn't!

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