September 5, 2007

Travel Tip #11

More Muji Please

This is very exciting news! Muji, one of my favorite stores in Japan is opening a 3,000 square foot store in November in Soho. More reasons to visit New York City than I can count. The location will be at 455 Broadway near Grant Street, with rumors of a Times Square location in the future as well.

In Japan I fell in love with their basic color palette of navy, beige, black and cream. It rocked my world since I had always told my friends that the world needed a "black" store...this is even better. All the many items I bought in the Tokyo stores are in these colors. One of the few times I love going into the Gap, is when they have transition clothes out, meaning the color palette for the clothes on the racks is navy, white, black or cream. This is usually between seasons....

The article in NY Magazine says the store will stock all of their housewares. Hopefully they will include all their clothes and office supplies. In Tokyo the stores had the best travel bottles (which I still have) and other hard to find necessities. Sugoi ne!

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