September 1, 2007

Travel Tip #3

If you ever find yourself in a hotel room where you (or someone else, or even your dog) accidentally took a leak (or other type of socially unacceptable or unexplainable accident) on fabric furniture, or other material that gives up what happened....I discovered a socially acceptable way of covering up the mistake. This works well if you are in cities such as Prague or Moscow. I would say it could be used anywhere, even at a B&B except that most B&B's I have been to have so many patterns in their furnishings hiding your accident may not be the problem.

The travel tip this time is ordering a pot of coffee. Simple. You get a pot of coffee and toss the whole thing on the chair or part of the couch or floor that has the accident. The strong smell of the black coffee along with the darkness of the stain and voila, coverage. Smell covered? Check! Discolored hotel furnishing disguised? Check! It is now an acceptable accident that won't get you a citation or worse, a night in jail. Granted you will likely have to pay a fine of some kind to the hotel but that is better than the alternative.

1 comment:

  1. What a colorful life you must lead, discovering a tip like this...


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