September 5, 2007

Travel Tip #2

Be Adventurous!

When you take that next European vacation, don't book every little detail ahead of time. Take care of your entry and exit flights but give yourself some free time to make itinerary changes on the fly. And the best way to go about it is to stop into an internet cafe, maybe after a few days in your initial arrival city. While you are exploring your city and the the area nearby, you are gathering important on the ground information, like the more desirable areas for hotels.

Recently traveling through Europe I discovered Easy Jet. It is a new airline in Europe that is a lot like Southwest. It is cheap but if you are going somewhere that requires little clothing or at least only a carry on, you are good to go. The benefit of this airline is that it is so cheap you can be in the MIDDLE of a trip and still take a quick and unexpected adventurous side-trip using Easy Jet. For example, say you are traveling in Italy, in the north and all of sudden the weather is crappy or you read about the sands of Capri. With Easy Jet you could easily and cheaply buy tickets and fly down to Sardinia, Sicily or Capri just like that. For $20.

Okay that is a little bit of an exaggeration but not by much. Remember though that Easy Jet prices climb quickly when the weight and quantity of your luggage increases. But check them out and next time just remember that a trip can be invigorated or even saved by being adventurous.


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