October 1, 2007

Travel Tip #9

When we have traveled business or first class, we invariably get a travel kit handed to us by the friendly staff. Both directions for a regular trip, more if we were going to multiple cities or countries. They varied depending on carrier but the kit usually contains at least lip balm, eye mask, face moisturizer and socks. When we first began taking these trips we saved all of our unused kits. As they stacked up in our closets, we realized we should recycle or reuse them.

We hit u
p the idea of taking them apart, putting the lip balm in every coat or purse we had. We stashed the eye masks in our various pieces of luggage and day packs. Then the best part was taking the kits themselves, and using a felt market label them for uses like nail polish kits, first aid, currency from countries we traveled to (a great place to hold the money until you returned) or office supplies that rolled around in our larger drawers.

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