October 16, 2007

Travel Tip # 7

One of the most important items I think to take with you on a trip is lip balm. Depending on the type you carry, it can be useful for multiple tasks thus making it a worthy item to spend a few minutes thinking about here as my next travel tip.

Consider this when going on a trip:
  1. Does my lip balm contain sunscreen?
  2. Is it light enough to use on my face if the flight is long enough and the cabin air is drying out my skin?
  3. Is it tinted?
  4. Have I checked the TSA website to make sure my lip balm is either a part of my 3-1-1 ziplock or can I just carry it normally?
My suggestion is to carry something that can be used for dry spots on your face (it can happen and also this is why you really do need to drink lots of bottled water on long flights. The hydration saves your sinuses and skin).

An area often forgotten are the cuticles. They get dry and beat up from carrying your luggage and from the lack of moisture in the cabin air also. I've used lip balm on my cuticles and felt the "ahhh" moment of my fingers being happy again.

You can choose for yourself but if I had to recommend something my top two suggestions would be either Kiehl's #1 Lip Balm (in stores or online) or regular Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (classic).

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