October 21, 2008

Top Ten Movies to inspire travel

As you know I am all about travel, all things travel oriented and global views. There are many movies that beautifully illustrate a country that I have never been to or they remind me of the subtle beauty in the art of travel. Murder on the Orient Express is a movie that comes to mind. Dressing for dinner is something everyone should experience. So civilized along with the slow serving of multiple courses. The exquisitely rich furnishings of the train cars, the old fashion trunks to carry your clothes and the leisurely pace are just the start of why I loved that movie! And the most exotic destinations and cities have the most incredible stations! Victoria Station, Grand Central Station, Tokyo Station. And trains are a relaxing way to go vast distances. They rock you to sleep while you cover miles and miles of terrain. Did you ever see the film noir movie, The Thin Man with Nick and Nora? Because it was filmed in the 1940's, the stylish couple traveled by train rather than airplane. Divine scenes of the couple with Asta of course, going across country to San Francisco. With the price of gas moving lower, some of us may be thinking that they can jump back into that car or SUV and drive but I would highly encourage you to explore your world by train.

Here are some of my all-time favorite movies, available on Netflix and sometimes your local television. I've included some older movies that I've caught on a Sunday afternoon too, like The Four Seasons. This classic movie that I've seen several times is about couples that go away on vacation together over four seasons. Not only did I love the location shots but the experiences of the couples together are priceless! The Year of Living Dangerously is high on my list because it was the first movie I felt first-hand when I living overseas and traveled to Bali in Indonesia. The music of the Balinese so clearly was the backdrop to this exotic time and location. Again, the perfect soundtrack to my own life at the time.

Like Water for Chocolate not only had my stomach growling, but the background of the Mexican Independence and Pancho Villa, had me seriously motivated to learn more about Mexican food and cooking. The distinct regions of Mexico with their unique flavors were highlighted in this movie [in Spanish only] and I will tell you after seeing the movie, I immediately went out and bought Mexican Hot Chocolate!

And finally, I've included a bonus suggestion A Room with a View, the most lush movie that brought to life the English countryside and Firenze, Italy. I probably saw that movie a dozen times and each time, fell in love with Florence a little more. I remember thinking that I would have gladly lived in a corset, had frizzy hair, even give of my 21st century lifespan - if it meant I could travel to Florence and live there for all those months in such style.

Enjoy the list, and next I will give you a list of the best soundtracks to travel with!

Ten Movies to Inspire You to Travel
  1. Out of Africa
  2. Year of Living Dangerously
  3. Casablanca
  4. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  5. Murder on the Orient Express
  6. Lost in Translation
  7. Mediterraneo
  8. Like Water for Chocolate
  9. The Four Seasons
  10. The Motorcycle Diaries
  11. Bonus: A Room with a View

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  1. If you like Italy (which I know you do)then you should watch "Stealing Beauty" by Bernardo Bertolucci. It is a 'coming of age' story in Tuscany and really inspired me to go there.

    I loved many movies on this list and there are several more I haven't seen. So thanks for the suggestions!!!


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