February 5, 2009

Top 10 Pet-Friendly Hotels: Bring your buddy on your travels

For many of us, traveling isn't traveling without our favorite pooch along. They are our best friend, our co-pilot and for some, our child. A fellow writer with a best friend reminded me recently that finding a place to stay can be difficult when your four legged companion is riding shotgun with you.

If you find yourself planning a trip to San Francisco and want to be sure they treat your buddy like the regal guest that they are, check out these 10 Pet Friendly Hotels:

Argonaut Hotel
Campton Place Hotel
Hotel Triton
Kensington Park Hotel
Metropolis Hotel
Omni San Francisco Hotel
Palace Hotel
The Sir Francis Drake
The Westin St. Francis
W San Francisco

My Buddy

And if you live in the Bay Area and need to leave your cat or dog in the lap of luxury, check out Wag Hotels. They are the all inclusive resort for your pet and little buddy.


  1. I have heard that many top end hotels are pet friendly. Probably because wealthy people always travel with their dogs. Wag hotel is a great name. Your buddy is cool!

  2. ...the Wag Hotels are great! Totally recommend them.

    And thanks, this is the soulful,filtered light through the blinds, private detective sort of look for my girl.


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