February 12, 2009

Uptake - Loads of travel resources at your fingertips!

A couple of months back you might have noticed that I added a very lovely badge on my sidebar, announcing my new travel writer gig with Uptake - a comprehensive travel website. Well now I'm even more excited to share that we have officially launched, and we're telling everyone!!

Use UpTake to find information and pricing on all sorts of things to do, places to go and places to stay all over the U.S.A. ...see that rhymes so you know how excited I am.

Check out the many sassy and informative blogs that are being written by a very talented crew - including myself, and a few other experienced and intrepid travelers and writers covering the world.

In addition to hotels and restaurants, UpTake has smart, fresh blogs about attractions, beaches, lodging, and travel industry news.

Come check us out, and definitely get the Restaurants RSS feed. If we've been there before, you'll get an honest take on the dining experience!


  1. If you have two comments from me please delete this one.
    Congrads on the launch, I hope it will become very successful. I'm looking forward to reading some of the articles you and the group will produce.

  2. It's a great group and we are fortunate to have your talents on board!

  3. Sounds great. Congrats!

  4. Cate, Alison and Gennaro - Thanks so much for the good wishes!! You guys are so kind and I appreciate your taking time to comment here.



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