February 9, 2009

The world of Lincoln

This week is the birthday of our 16th President of the United States, (POTUS) Abraham Lincoln. In honor of this, and with the recent media interest in all things Lincoln, I thought it would be interesting to take a look around and see what we can find with the name of Lincoln.

In the US we have 24 cities in 24 states called Lincoln, with many more with Lincoln in the full name. Not surprising but did you know that there are several places far across the world called Lincoln....
  • Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England, the county town of Lincolnshire.
  • Lincoln, New Zealand
  • Lincoln, a former name for Motu One (Marquesas Islands)
  • Lincoln, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Lincoln, Ontario, Canada
  • Port Lincoln, South Australia
  • Lincoln, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

There are mountains and ships with Lincoln in the name. There are roads and schools too. Interestingly you can also find Lincoln in the entertainment world.

Imps and Gore Vidal

  • Lincoln (novel), Gore Vidal's 1984 book on the U.S. President
  • Lincoln Imp, a purported evil sprite petrified in the Lincoln Cathedral
  • Lincoln Records, a record label from the 1920s, prominently featuring President Lincoln's image in its logo
  • Lincoln (variety show), a Japanese variety show

Biscuits and Sheep
  • "Lincoln", a slang term for the United States five dollar bill, which bears the US President's image
  • Lincoln biscuit, a short dough biscuit
  • Lincoln Logs, a popular toy
  • Lincoln (sheep), a breed of sheep originally bred in Lincolnshire, England
  • Lincoln Snacks Company, a manufacturer of caramel corn and popcorn mixes

I'm sorry to say that I only know the Lincoln Memorial here, and one of my favorite toys were Lincoln Logs. They were used to create Barbie's mountain cabin, that was perched on the white cliffs of my bedspread and that she drove to in a car made from Legos...with her boyfriend GI Joe.

The Japanese variety show sounds very intriguing. I googled it and they use Lincoln as a mascot?! Click here if you care to know more. The slang for a $5 bill sounds recent, like from a rapper who didn't have any "Benjamins"....

How about you, any experiences to contribute?

Facing Lincoln

Photos are from: sfcphotography

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