January 12, 2009

Beautiful Highway 1 in California

I love the "Sunday drive". It sounds a little old fashioned but there is something about going out for an hour or two and driving along the California coast that feels good - almost as if I was setting the tone for the upcoming work week.

My parents loved going for drives when I was a kid, at least my father really did. He couldn't wait to jump behind the wheel of his big American car and cruise down or up the highways.

I loved staring out the window at whatever crossed our paths - the ocean, fields of lettuce or even just cows in a pasture. I enjoyed it all.

Now I live not that far north of where I grew up and I enjoy driving along the coast just as much. We often drive north as much as south and discover all kinds of little towns and shops along the way. [I will share some of these finds in future posts]

Recently we drove along this part of Highway 1 that took us to the little town of Pescadero and we ended up having the best meal.


  1. I am a big fan of a "Sunday drive" as well...especially when it involves a lot of impulsive stops for beautiful views or cute stores.

    During my college years and early twenties, I spent a lot of time driving cross-country(from Texas to Montana and all over the West). These longer road trips are wonderful as well.

  2. I agree Alison. Maybe we are modern day explorers, with the same curiosity that propelled Columbus and Lewis & Clark...


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