January 9, 2009

A Favorite Napa Winery - Artesa

If you are thinking about heading to Napa for Valentine's Day weekend or for just a great excursion and a little wine tasting - then you must stop by my favorite winery at the start of Napa Valley.

Artesa Winery is just off of Old Sonoma Highway, not far from the Carneros Inn - a lovely place to stay the night. The drive takes you up a long road that ends in front of a modern structure built into a hillside - you almost can't make out their main building because it is covered in grass.

The grounds also have these cool fountains and sculpture (see photos), reminding me a little of the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur - whose property also had a nice selection of sculpture nestled into a natural setting.

At Artesa you will get to savor a wonderful view and some great wine! You might even join their wine club like we did - or at least meet some new friends.

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