January 19, 2009

Top Ten Pieces of Public Art

Some people are list makers. Lists for the kids to do their daily chores. Christmas lists. Packing lists. Favorite movies-to-rent lists. These people have personalities that thrive from being organized and efficient. You know who you are out there. And there are websites devoted to lists.

Let me confess that I am big list maker - especially when it relates to traveling. Don't you think a list keeps your itinerary focused, everyone on time and you from over packing?

One of my lists that I wanted to share with you relates to public art and sculpture. Whenever I am out and about, public art always captures my eye - and I am compelled to snap a photo. And it looks like I am not alone, a fellow contributor to Uptake confessed the same thing recently.

Public Art in the US
In the US there are active public art programs that you can explore from your armchair, such as: Scottsdale, AZ - Albuquerque, NM - Chicago, IL - Philadelphia, PA or Cambridge, MA.

I am impressed with any government - in the US or abroad - that supports public art. Below are a trio of photos taken that are from my top ten favorite pieces of public art.

Editorial note: The gate from Yellowstone may not be considered "art" or sculpture but it made the list because it is as striking as any sculpture!

Location: Lugano, Switzerland

Location: North Gate to Yellowstone National Park, referred to as the Roosevelt Arch in Gardiner, Montana

Location: Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California

All photo credits to sfcphotography

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