January 23, 2009

Best Waterfalls on the Big Island of Hawaii

Gateway to Heaven

For me waterfalls are synonymous with Hawaii. Within many you can catch a glimpse of their state symbol - the rainbow.

Many say that a rainbow looks like a giant bridge and in Hawaii it is believed that the rainbow is the path souls take on their way to heaven.

Wild Side
When I visited the Big Island for the first time, I loved the wildness of the Waipio Valley and the idea of living off the grid. This island is the youngest in age compared to the rest of the chain - being here I felt a little of my wild side come out.

Further south in the town of Hilo, one can pick up the intellectual vibe of the university, the organization around the Hilo Farmer's Market and yet the unsettled and wild nature of the island is still present.

Whether you are coming from Waipio Valley or from Hilo, you can experience some of my favorite waterfalls in the Akaka Falls State Park. If you are staying in Hilo they are an easy addition to your day. They are free to see and the kind your kids can experience as well.

Highlights for me besides the waterfalls, definitely included the groves of bamboo* and the amazing flowers, like the hanging orchids (photo below)

Two of my favorite waterfalls are the Kahuna Falls and the Akaka Falls, both can be reached in the Akaka Falls State Park.

Don't forget to take your camera! I had one of my photos of the Akaka Falls included in the sixth edition of the Schmap Hawaii Guide. Mahalo, and here are a few others from that same trip.

Where We Went
On our last visit to the Big Island we stayed near Waikoloa - and Merriman's Market Cafe - but we spent most of our time near Hilo and Volcano Village. If you want to go, Uptake is a great source for finding out more about Hilo and where to stay and you can learn about where we stayed in Volcano as well.

* did you catch the genie lamp in this stand of bamboo?


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