January 5, 2009

Hoover Dam and feeling like a kid on a school field trip again

Hoover Dam is breathtaking. I never made it past seeing Folsom Dam as a kid in school so driving to see this engineering marvel in Nevada - made me feel like a kid on a field trip.

I can't believe how many cars and trucks drive across it everyday. I don't think the engineers who built it planned on that either - thus you will see here that they are currently working on a bypass road.

If you get a chance, I would pack up the kids or dog and take a car trip to see this amazing construction site and engineering feat near Boulder City - what an adventure it could be.

There is a parking garage so that you can walk around at your own pace, while you consider the vast amount of resources and monety it took to create this American dam.

The Art Deco sculpture and map of the stars is probably my favorite part - and its free!

You can go inside and pay for a tour and what not, but if you are saving your pennies - like a lot of us - you can read the many plaques and soak in the view for nothing but the gas it took you to get here.

All photos from sfcphotography

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