December 17, 2008

More than rejuvenation when you travel to Hawaii

This year more than any other is the best time to visit the Hawaiian Islands, and I cast my vote for Kauai.

I've written on these pages about my love for the Hawaiian Islands before but with the world melting and the financial markets melting, the reasons to go this year are crystal clear. And going to Kauai isn't just about rejuvenation, it is about perspective.

For me, visiting this particular island always changes my perspective on the world and on my life. I appreciate what goes into creating the beautiful landscape as soon as I walk off of the plane. Walk almost anywhere on the island and you can find a spot to sit and contemplate the years of lava flow that creates each individual island. Looking at the growth of the valleys and the amount of animal and plant life - how can you not feel small and insignificant?

Whenever I go to Kauai, I love to rent an apartment along Hanalei Bay rather than stay in a hotel. I've found this team has the weekly range for a 2 bedroom-2 bath condo is $1100-$2500 which seems about right if you want a view and walking distance to the ocean. The Princeville and Hanalei side feels a little slower, if that is possible but I love it. Hawaii and its aloha spirit offers the traveler more than you can imagine - if you have yet to go, consider a week this winter in Kauai.

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